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A Smarter Way

Challenges facing election administrators today are complex. Drawing precinct boundary lines shouldn’t be one of them.

If you’re still drawing boundary lines manually, you’re failing to take advantage of today’s technology. In fact, you’re making more errors and spending much more time on the process than is truly necessary. More importantly, you’re missing opportunities for optimization that shortens waiting times for voters and makes the best use of scarce resources on election day.

PrecinctPro’s a voting precinct design tool takes the guesswork away. By automating the task, PrecinctPro makes the process simple and straightforward for even novice election administrators. 

The result? Precincts that adhere to policy while providing the best voter experience possible. 


Changing for the Better

Not long ago, teams of geographic information system experts struggled to create precinct boundaries. Even after toiling for hours, the resulting boundary designs were frequently not accurate and failed to follow election officials design priorities. 

Thanks to our easy-to-use web-based design tool, creating streamlined precincts is much easier. PrecinctPro’s simple user interface makes manual boundary drawing a thing of the past. And since it’s tailored to election administrator’s workflow needs, PrecinctPro makes drawing precinct boundaries not only accurate, but efficient as well. 

Experience in Action

Arizona’s Maricopa County is one of the largest in the U.S. The population has grown exponentially in recent years and residential areas have shifted widely. So when the county sought to draw new precinct boundaries, it faced a time-consuming challenge that required technical expertise along with institutional knowledge. 

Enter Arizona State University’s Decision Theater. Their team developed a solution for the county that is now being offered to other election administrators as PrecinctPro.

The technology combines Decision Theater’s expertise in data analytics, GIS science, computational modeling, software development, and visualization with Maricopa County’s process and institutional knowledge. Using this proprietary platform, your election office can easily reassign precinct boundaries and allocate your office’s technical expertise to other more pressing issues. 

You’ll save time, money and the hassle of trying to redraw lines by hand. 

A Seamless Fit

PrecinctPro meshes seamlessly with your existing workflows. No matter the size of your community or the amount of technical expertise on staff at your office, the interface can work for you. It works using an Internet interface which requires no special software or technology.

PrecinctPro will allow your election office to make data-driven decisions when it’s time to reassign precinct boundaries. The technology makes the process foolproof by ensuring:

  • Congressional and legislative districts aren’t divided with the same precinct.
  • Maximum voter numbers in each precinct are maintained.
  • Additional layers aren’t split unnecessarily.

Partner With Us

It’s easy to get started with PrecinctPro. Contact us to learn how simple it is to incorporate the technology into your election office’s operations. We’re happy to schedule an onsite demonstration so you can see how easy it is to create accurate precinct boundaries. 

Don’t wait! Get in touch today to get started with PrecinctPro!


About Us

PrecinctPro offers accurate, efficient, and customized alternatives to the currently labor–intensive, trial-and-error precinct design process. PrecinctPro was developed by ASU Decision Theater’s experienced team of software developers, data scientists, graphic designers, and multiple ASU technical academic faculty members with the goal of easing the burden of election administrators. The result is a better, easier, more efficient, and transparent voter precinct-drawing process.

We care about the counties and districts we help. We strive to create an experience where their job is not a challenge. Their job is a triumph.


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